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The Professional Video Game Tester Career - Getting Started

Among all the jobs a gamer could have or apply for, being a paid video game tester ranks top on the list. There's nothing quite like being able to sit down, pop in a great game & play for hours on end, and then collect a nice fat check when it's all over. This is what being a video game tester is all about -- or so thats what you & other gamers think.

Real, honest paid video game testing isn't as "wondrously" fun as many people think it is. It can be fun, yes, but it won't be that easy "make money from playing games" experience that you'd thought it be. Not only is there REAL work involved in being a video game tester, the job actually requires a few skills OTHER than just hardcore gaming.

What is a Video Game Tester?

A paid game tester, also known as a beta game tester, is someone whom is charged with thoroughly testing a video game before it is finally realized to it's mass audience. This individual gets a nearly completed version of the game (be it for an XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PC, or other gaming console) and he/she must then play & identify any bugs and/or glitches that are apparent in the game.

Without reliable testers to fully test video games, game-breaking bugs and glitches would run rampant and destroy the credibility of most newly released games -- thereby shattering the gaming industry itself!

What Other Skills Do I Need for Video Game Testing?

Being good at "playing" games is obviously important, but that is far from the only skill you need as a paid video game tester. The two other important skills, or traits, you must possess are these: good eye for detail & an ability to write well (I.E. can spell correctly, use proper grammar, and knows the proper usage of punctuation).

Both skills are crucial for testing games for money because while one will allow you to spot the glitches & bugs, the other will allow you to quickly & accurately tell the readers (which are the game's programmers) where & how to find those problems.

Is Advanced Training Required for This Career?

No. A video game tester does not have to be college educated nor must he have advanced training in video game design. If you possess the necessary skills -- you play video games a lot, have a good attention to detail, and can write well enough -- you can start almost immediately.

Is it Hard to Get Started?

It can be, yes; especially if you don't know where or how to begin the process. But as most video game testers will agree, it's worth all the effort & more. You can't give up just because things aren't as easy as you wanted them to be.

Where Can I Find Video Game Testing Jobs?

Not in the classified section of a newspaper nor from advertisements, thats for damn sure. To find high paying, legitimate game tester jobs, you'll need to go straight to the companies that are hiring.

How will you know which game companies are hiring? Well, you won't, not unless you've signed up with a reliable video game tester job search site; like GamingJobsOnline & BAGT which offers UPDATED -- Updated being the keyword here -- listings of the latest video game tester jobs as well as developers whom are currently hiring new beta-game testers. If you're not a member of such a website, then you'll have to do things the hard way, completely alone. It's an option, just not the wisest one for an aspiring young video game tester. Of course, if you're really that hard up for $40, then by all means, do everything on your own.

How Much Do Video Game Testers Make?

We go more into detail on that subject on the Video Game Tester Salary Page.

Is a Career in Video Game Testing Worth Pursuing?

A career in which you are ultimately getting PAID to PLAY video games -- yeah, it's definitely worth it. If you don't think so, well, then you've obviously never experienced the thrill of playing an awesome new video-game only to receive a REAL check after you're done. It's one of the best experiences imaginable for a life-long gamer.

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